Huy Lam: Conduit

15 September - 8 October 2022
Born in Vietnam, Huy Lam’s practice is rooted in an ongoing fascination with non-verbal communication, with an emphasis on process based construction that is informed by his inherent curiosity and urge for exploration. Having established a distinctive aesthetic from his precision of hand, this new body of work employs collage and sculpture to engage viewers with geometric lines that act as visible conduits for the relationships and unique pathways in our own lives. Lam utilises his understanding of light and dimension, to produce the illusion of intertwining and overlapping through his various mediums, while creating vibrations through bold colour combinations. 

Lam's hand-cut collages provide fields for inquiry and experimentation, the two-dimensional plains act as blueprints to be translated into the three-dimensional sculptures. The process and exploration of manifesting something into the physical realm presents new ways of engaging with form and material, both in the role of the viewer and artist. 


Huy Lam is a graduate in Photography from Humber College, and worked as a professional and sought after agency photographer for over a decade. This field allowed him to travel extensively, while developing personal projects in a variety of media. Lam is a self taught sculptor and woodworker, and has had work exhibited in Canada, Japan and the US. The artist’s sculptural work includes custom furniture, lighting, stand alone and wall sculptures, and has work placed in various private and corporate collections.