Danielle Cole: Online Exhibition: Pile On

10 February - 10 March 2022

United Contemporary is excited to present an online exclusive exhibition by Danielle Cole, entitled Pile On. Danielle Cole is a Toronto based artist who creates playful collages through an assembly of original vintage graphics. Her work often explores the absurdity of domestic roles and the need for material goods. In Pile On, we present a selection of works consecutively with the Auto Show which typically takes place in February annually, however has been canceled due to the health crisis. Cole’s suit of collage on paper and panel works combine figurative and automotive motifs in playful compositions, morphed into new landscapes and forms.


Danielle Cole lives and works in Toronto, who currently has work exhibited at the newly renovated Gladstone Hotel. Cole’s artwork was selected from 2000 international submissions for Collective Arts Breweries series 8 beer cans. NewAd media, selected her work twice for their Art Here competition, which places original artworks across Canada in restaurants and bars. Her work has been featured in several magazines including editorial work in Today’s Parent 2020 Christmas issue. Riders on the Toronto subway system saw her work during the Life on the Line project, supporting people struggling with mental health issues. Her work has been acquired by the Doug and Laurie Kanyer collection which focuses exclusively on collage. In 2020 she completed a commission to create 200ft of hoardings installed surrounding the Greenwich Village townhomes in Toronto. Recently the City of Hamilton selected her work for their Public Art Traffic box designs. Danielle’s art has found homes in New Zealand, LA, San Francisco, Halifax and Hamilton.