Amanda Clyne: your body haunts mine

24 September - 24 October 2020

“Every surface exudes desire, a desire to be seen, a desire to be known, a desire to be touched. The sensuality of surfaces beguiles the sense of sight. Whether natural or artificial, eroded or embellished, surfaces taunt the roving eye.” -Amanda Clyne

In her exhibition your body haunts mine, Amanda Clyne presents paintings and photographs of delicate and diverse surfaces forged through experimental processes. Each work echoes in the other works exhibited, moving between abstraction and representation, the material and the immaterial. Together, they form a nuanced portrait of the feminine, as Amanda looks beyond the body for alternative sources of resemblance and reflection.


Clyne's studio practice is driven by her interest in portraiture, the history of painting, representations of the feminine, and the affect of textiles and couture. Through digital and material processes, she dismantles images from the history of painting and contemporary culture to explore their contradictory promises of intimacy and spectacle, desire and futility, immortality and evanescence. Her works portray the fragile nature of seeing and of being seen. Clyne studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and graduated with the Drawing and Painting medal from OCAD in 2009, and MFA (Visual Arts) from York in 2014.

Installation Views