Inter/Ruptures: Group Show

18 March - 17 April 2021

 Samantha Dennis, Marc Egan, Mel Hayes, Miles Ingrassia, Max Lester, Karim Machado-Aman, Bidemi Oloyede, Colin Rogers & Linda Sormin

Inter/Ruptures brings together a group of artists selected by United Contemporary’s own. We asked each of our represented artists to put forward the name of an artist whose practice inspires and excites them. The result is an eclectic group exhibition featuring a myriad of artists working in disparate mediums and at varying stages of their career. Curating a show this way allows the body of work to shape and determine the exhibition theme as it comes together. Inevitably, through lines, surprising connections and welcome idiosyncrasies develop organically. The result is an experimental exhibition about the ruptures and interruptions of norms, daily life, and structures of power. The unique perspectives of each artist in this exhibition play off of and juxtapose each other to create an exhibition reflective of the diversity of our cultural landscape.

Installation Views