AGO Acquisition

Carole Pope portrait by General Idea

 To our delight, this piece of Canadian art and rock & roll history will be added to the photography collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Taken in 1980 by Jorge Zontal of General Idea, this unique contact sheet depicts portraits of Carole Pope for the Rough Trade album cover shoot. 


"Made for Rough Trade’s 1980 album Avoid Freud — featuring their most well-known track High School Confidential — the contact sheet of lead singer Carole Pope is a study in icon-making. Posing in a Thierry Mugler jacket, with a martini glass, Pope is the epitome of Queer cool. General Idea once again deploys the photographic image for its symbolic power and skewers it at the same time.” Sophie Hackett, AGO Curator, Photography

November 5, 2022