Meghan Price: Best Estimate

11 August - 10 September 2022

Meghan Price works with material literacy throughout an expansive practice that investigates notions of time and human relationships with the physical earth. In this exhibition titled Best Estimate, Price presents a body of work using fragmentation, aggregation and found materials to evoke past, present and future.

Central to the exhibition is Fragment, a series of woven works, each containing the silhouette of an ancient textile. Here, disparate elements are held in tension: ragged shapes rendered in matt black cotton demarcate the space of artifacts within a luminescent, synthetic screen.


For her first solo exhibition at the gallery,Price has also produced woven iterations of 3 details from a 19th century geologic diagram drawn by scientific illustrator, Orra White Hitchcock. Through woven structure, material and scale these works at once bring attention to the physical qualities of Hitchcock’s medium (ink on linen) and to her subject (coal).


In a third series of works titled Your Body, Price has employed fragments of her woven research to build textile collages evoking human and earth forms. The works' titles serve to connect our bodies to the planet’s: mountains to knees and lava to skin.


Price has exhibited and held residencies across Canada and internationally. Recent exhibition sites include Fiberspace (Stockholm), The Centre for Craft Creativity and Design (Asheville), YYZ (Toronto), The Bonavista Biennale (Bonavista Peninsula, NL), Centre Matéria (Québec) and AKA artist-run (Saskatoon). Her work is in the Idea Exchange contemporary textile collection and in the corporate collections of Aimia, Canada Goose and RBC. In addition to maintaining a solo studio practice, under Price/Nacha, Price produces collaborative works with artist Suzanne Nacha. Price lives and works in Montreal, QC.