Built on a shared interest in human-Earth relationships, the indexical nature of rock materials and the cognitive challenge of geologic time, the collaborative practice of Meghan Price and Suzanne Nacha develops methodologies for engaging geologic sites. Employing their combined expertise in textiles, sculpture, painting and geology, they mine the earth sciences for ‘signs’ that hold the potential to connect human experience to the physical earth. Nacha and Price live in Toronto. They are individually represented by United Contemporary.


The artists would like to acknowledge the support of:

Toronto Arts Council; Ontario Arts Council; Canada Council; Union House Arts; Trinity Square Video; Arts+Letters Press; Anita Cazzola; Chari Cohen & Alex Speigel; Glenn Bejczak

Epoch & Eons, HD video, 38:14min loop, size dimensions variable, 2020. Price available upon request

Price/Nacha, Epochs & Eons, 2020 (webcut) from Price/Nacha on Vimeo.


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