Ryan Van Der Hout

Featured in Larry's List article, 'From Cryptopunk to Crypto Patron'

The work of multi-disciplinary artist Ryan Van Der Hout was featured in a recent Larry's List article which explored the world of NFT collector Elsie. In an interview, Elsie discusses how she fell in love with crypto art, and her main motivation and themes behind the Edicurial Collection.


"My main motivation behind the Edicurial Collection is to support emerging and established crypto artists. Since 2021, I have become a digital patron of crypto art and have seen it grow into the significant artistic genre it is today."


You can learn about this incredible collection online here: Edicurial Collection


Van Der Hout's is a Toronto-based artist with a practice that spans photographic art and sculpture, and more recently NFT's. He is preparing for solo exhibition for the 2022 Scotiabank Contact Festival, May 5-28. 


Read Larry's List, From Cryptopunk to Crypto Patron, here.




March 16, 2022