Chuck Beamish: Northern Networks

17 November - 22 December 2022
"The technology of painting predates that of fire, yet it can hold an instant eternally."

United Contemporary is thrilled to present a new suite of plein air and studio paintings by Chuck Beamish. The artist's professional practice has been informed by his work as an architect and designer. Having worked in Algonquin Park during his youth, Beamish has an ongoing passion of traveling and camping throughout the interior of the park and parts of Northern Ontario via canoe and ski. These scenes are depicted in plein air compositions, celebrating the landscape and its transitions through the seasons.
"My aim is to convey the interconnection of dynamic networks: wind, light, temperature, and colour. For me, landscape painting is hunting and fishing with visual tools to capture the essence of place and the phenomena of experience."
Beamish is looking to investigate the seams between painting, sculpture and architecture: to study the potential for three-dimensionality within painting that provides actual and implied spatial experiences through scale, texture and tone. In turn, this exploration has influenced the way in which he views and depict the experience of being North.